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  • 31 Jul 2016
    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Chatsworth, CA (June 26, 2016): GoPink Hosting, operating under the sole proprietorship of Freddie Avila and würk inc, is proud to announce the impetus behind its "Help the Cause" tagline. As a new player in the website hosting and website building field, GoPink Hosting is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of those who suffer from cancer. Twenty-five percent of the company's profits are earmarked for donation directly to those families and individuals who face financial hardship due to their cancer diagnosis. The expenses the organization expects to pay are varied, and include necessities such as prescriptions, groceries, rent, medical bills and more. GoPink Hosting also expects to donate products and necessities to non-profit organizations so they can be distributed to those in need. Founded in June 2016, GoPink Hosting is a Chatsworth, California-based web hosting business that is solely owned by Freddie Avila. Avila is intent on making a difference in the lives of those people who are fighting one of the most difficult battles in life. Sometimes amid all the seemingly-endless doctor's appointments, phone calls from bill collectors and red tape from insurance companies, it helps ease the burden to know that someone cares enough to extend a helping hand during this challenging time. Avila's organization, GoPink Hosting, strives to provide that caring touch to people who are suffering from cancer of any sort, as well as their families. GoPink Hosting would like to invite suggestions for recipients of their donations. This can be in the form of sending the company the names of individuals affected by cancer or by sharing articles via their social media accounts. Using this approach, GoPink Hosting believes that, together, they, their clients and their social media contacts can make a difference in the lives of those stricken with cancer while also making their day a little brighter. Established in June 2016, GoPink Hosting offers a diverse portfolio of website hosting and building services and features including SSL, marketing tools and domain names. Follow GoPink Hosting on Facebook and at Twitter using the hashtag #HelptheCause @gopinkhosting. ###
    2972 Posted by Freddie Avila
  • 08 Aug 2016
     Playbuzz has been offering publishers tools to create interactive/social media-friendly content like galleries, lists and polls. Now it’s giving them new ways to track the effectiveness of those tools. The company is announcing the launch of its analytics product, Impact — which was previously in beta testing with select partners, but is now available to all Playbuzz partners. Read More
    1448 Posted by Freddie Avila
  • 31 Jul 2016
    The economy is changing. Companies like Uber and Lyft could not have illustrated that to us any more clearly over the last few years, altering the transportation industries forever. There is, however, still plenty of room for growth, and by broadening the purview of the so-called “gig economy,” we at Würk are aiming to better the experiences of employers and independent professionals alike. The opportunity for improvement here is great, as we encourage stronger service skills and increase potential earnings simultaneously, all while pulling more and more people into the workforce. In short, there is no apparent downside to this change. By launching an easy-to-use online platform bolstered by a strong marketing campaign, we are confident that Würk will be able to make headway into quickly, and within a year or two, we hope to establish ourselves as the premier software service company providing labor both to individuals and to groups. Powered by the smartphones that everyone is carrying around with them, Würk will make finding talent and skills simple! Right now, we are looking to you for help raising $25,000 This start-up capital is going to cover the costs of developing, launching, marketing, and initially operating Würk, the Uber for things other than finding a ride. From house repairs to electronics to maids and more, you will find it on our app. Let’s change the world together. Thanks for your time.
    801 Posted by Freddie Avila
  • 08 Aug 2016
     Managing your finances can be tough, especially if no one has ever taken the time to sit down with you and explain how it all works. SmartPath, a Y-Combinator backed company, aims to help low-income people, and the 75% of Americans who live paycheck to paycheck, better manage their finances by enabling them to make sure they spend less than they make. “You haven’t taught people how… Read More
    613 Posted by Freddie Avila
Business 507 views Aug 17, 2016
39 Actionable Ideas For Driving Traffic To Your Website

39 Actionable Ideas For Driving Traffic To Your Website

Jayson DeMers ,


I de-mystify SEO and online marketing for business owners.

Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own.

Lack of website traffic is one of the most common challenges I hear from business owners. Many report having lost a significant percentage of their search traffic over the past year or two, and are continuously looking for new ways to drive relevant traffic to their site.

This article is an attempt to give marketers and business owners a whole battery of straight-to-the-point, actionable tips for getting traffic to your website or blog. While some of these strategies won’t be a quick fix, you may be surprised how quickly many of them start to generate results.


1. Focus on long-tail keywords – The days of focusing on a single keyword for each page are long gone. Make sure your posts include all the relevant terms and phrases related to your topic. For help with finding long-tail keywords, see my post How to Find LSI (Long Tail) Keywords Once You’ve Identified Your Primary Keywords.

2. Start a forum on your website – An active forum can quickly begin ranking for long-tail keywords. They’re also great for decreasing your site’s bounce rate, increasing time-on-site, as well as building a community.

3. Start a Facebook group that drives traffic to your site – Start a niche-specific group where members can ask questions and get support (and don’t forget to point them back to your site’s content where relevant).
Recommended by Forbes

4. Submit your blog posts to StumbleUpon – It works!

5. Promote your blog posts to your email list – This doesn’t have to be the main focus of all your emails, but including a link or two back to your blog posts can considerably increase traffic, leads, and sales.

6. Answer a HARO query – Answering a pitch only take a few minutes, and can result in great PR, high-quality inbound links and referral traffic to your site.

7. Work on your headlines – Your headlines are what will get people in the door, particularly when you share your blog posts via social media; make sure they pique interest and clearly articulate the benefit to your readers. For help with that, see “The Online Marketer’s Guide to Writing High-Converting Headlines.”

8. Join a blogging community like ProBlogger or CopyBlogger – This is a great way to network with other bloggers, and to cross-promote each other’s content.

9. Include links to other relevant posts on your blog – When you write a post, always be sure to mention other posts your readers may find helpful; this is great for SEO as well as for increasing time-on-site, conversion rates, and referral traffic.

10. Guest post on relevant blogs – There’s not much point guest blogging on a site in an unrelated niche; make sure you only contribute to highly-relevant, high-quality sites in your niche. See “The Ultimate, Step-by-Step Guide to Building Your Business by Guest Blogging.”

11. Become a columnist or contributor on a well-known website – If you can become a guest contributor on an authority site like Huffington Post or Forbes, you not only drive targeted traffic to your site, but establish yourself as an expert in your field.

12. Optimize your existing posts – Comb through your old posts to make sure they have unique and relevant title tags, URLS and meta descriptions.

13. Demote irrelevant Google sitelinks – While Google sitelinks are automatically generated, you can demote URLS you don’t want to show; this may increase the chances that the URLS you do want listed show up. You can do this from within Google Webmaster Tools.

14. Arrange an advertising swap – Trade banner ads with a complimentary site in your niche.

15. Post more frequently – Neil Patel of QuickSprout found that by posting high-quality posts 6x per week (as opposed to 5), blog traffic increased by 18.6%. Find your magic number and commit to seeing it through. Remember that in many cases, the traffic increases you see from blogging are scalable.

16. Submit your posts to Reddit – Yes, this also still works.

17. Mention influencers in your tweets – When you cite, quote or mention someone in a blog post, be sure to @ mention them in your tweet when you promote your post.

18. Focus your energy on strategies that are working – You don’t have to do what everyone else is doing. Study your analytics to see your main traffic drivers, and focus on your energy on these areas.

19. Build connections with others in your niche – I know this sounds cliché, but building personal relationships with other bloggers in your niche will often result in organic inbound links and referral traffic to your site.

20. Make sure you have every relevant keyword you can think of on your site – I’m not talking old-school keyword spamming here. I’m talking about focusing on topical content; and making sure you at least have the chance of being found for all your relevant keywords, no matter how obscure they may be.

21. Create a top 10 website post – Select the top 10 blogs in your niche, and write a post about them. You may also want to create a simple badge or banner those sites can embed to show off their award.

22. Make the most of Facebook links – Be sure to include links back to your site in your About page, in your photo descriptions, in the comments of your posts (where relevant), and in your milestones.

23. Get on YouTube – YouTube drives the most engaged traffic out of all social media sites, with an average of 2.99 pages per visit.

24. Add text to your blog post images – Try including your post title and URL in your blog post images for optimal effect when pinned or shared.

25. Become a member of industry Facebook and LinkedIn groups – Offer valuable advice and info to build relationships and drive traffic to your site.

26. Connect with bloggers who are already sending you traffic – If someone has already linked to your site, they obviously like what you have to say. Contact them to see if there are other ways they could help promote your content (and vice versa).

27. Ask a well-known blogger to guest post on your site – They’ll likely share the post with their audience, driving traffic to your site.

28. Respond to blog comments – Respond thoughtfully to all comments on your blog. This is great for building relationships, as well as for driving commenters back to your site.

29. Add your blog to Alltop – As an aggregate for all kinds of web content, submitting your blog increases your chances of getting found by people looking for content in your niche.

30. Answer Questions – Visit sites like Yahoo Answers or Quora and answer questions relevant to your niche.

31. Write a Response Post – Respond to a controversial post in your niche and then let the original poster know about it. Chances are good they won’t be able to resist responding to it on their blog.

32. Contact influential bloggers – When you write a groundbreaking or newsworthy post, notify influencers in your field. You may be surprised at how many link back to your post.

33. Make proper use of categories – If you haven’t already organized your content into relevant categories, now’s the time. Categories are great not only for SEO, but for helping your readers find relevant content.

34 Write landmark posts - Create at least a few long-form, authoritative posts that will organically garner links and attention over the long haul.

35. Comment on industry blogs - Become a regular commenter on a popular blog in your niche to help drive referral traffic and to establish relationships with other bloggers.

Interview influencers in your niche – They will be very likely to promote the interview to their audience.

36. Share your blog posts regularly on Facebook - Post a short excerpt from your posts to entice them to click through.

37. Share your posts on Triberr - Meet other bloggers and share each other’s content.

38. Participate in niche Blogs frequantly. One you've build up a releveant reputation; submit your signiture with URL creating a backling.

39. Utizle the skills of Fiverr, such as backlink building and directory submission.

For more actionable tips for your website, see my post 50 Content Marketing Ideas for Your Website or Blog.